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Evolution is the key to life.  If we do not evolve we become stagnant and die.  This is also true for the development of a photographer.

What I am interested in or what I choose to shoot changes based on what I am feeling or what is before me.  I try to shoot in the moment.  This allows me to open my eyes to the world around me.  It  is not necessarily the world I live in, but may be one that is different and allows for dramatic photography.  The Gay Pride Parade was at first strange and off-putting, until I embraced the sheer joy that emanated from the participants and the crowd.  Cuba and Peru were so different from San Francisco, but seeing the country and its people and making new friends was exhilarating.  Whether it is Japan or the Folsom Street Fair, there is an exciting world beyond my backyard. That is the world that I visit through my photography.

I print to order.   If you see something you like call or email me and I'm sure we can make arrangements that are amenable to both of us.

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